“Mack the Knife”

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Last weekend we started setting up for our new production of “Mack the Knife”
This is a very small budget production (when I say small I mean very small)which I am doing more as a bit of fun but it feels right not having a large budget by the nature of what the show is about.
What’s also great about the show is that the theatre is 5 minutes from where I live in Poble Nou in Barcelona.
We managed alot over 2 days including a Q to Q with the cast of twenty actors,seven musicians,furniture,lighting and projections.
The following are a few images I took.The 1st image shows me by the stage during our start on Saturday morning which shows the size of theatre with its 6.40m Proscenium opening.

The other images I took during the staggered run though. I am back in the theatre this afternoon with a dress rehearsal on Friday and the show opening on Saturday evening-11th May.


me on the set up
One Actor,one Cyc,one light and a projection!
Mack 5 for website news
Mack2 for website news
Inspector & peachum for website news
Mack5 for website