• opening set
  • Premios Gaudi show
  • opening scene- exploding blocks
  • finale scene-blocks float up to reveal Premis gaudi logo
  • awards set
  • Quim with La cobla comença a toca musical number "all ways look on the bright side of life"
  • view of stage with video mapping from control desk
  • 9Prem Gau3-blank stage 02
  • Original idea of final look of set was to create the effect of the set exploding. I then felt this was anegative to the end of the gala and then we developed further with the video mappineffct that the blocks were flying up to reveal a large Premis Gaudi.

Video Mapping Gaudi Awards in Barcelona

Project: Premios Gaudi 2011(Catalan Film Awards)

Venue: Arteria Theatre, Barcelona

Role: Artistic Director,Stage Designer and Co-Director

I created a unique show using video mapping with the main object of surprising the audience and breaking the conventions of traditional award ceremonies.

The award show opened with a three-minute video that was created using special software that visually distorted and played with the stage space. The design team was able to ‘map’ videos that switched the appearance of the stage, from 3D black and white blocks, to a glamorous gold set. During the three-minute opener, the goal was to build up the set as fictitious Gaudi Temple where the show’s host would finally appear. The set later revealed  multiple entrances and a 16:9 back projection screen used especially for the different Award categories.

So as to experiment with the animations and the geometry effects we built a 1/10 model so as to project first our ideas to see what worked and what was most effective.  This model enabled us to co-ordinate the whole look of the Show allowing us to see the different looks using the  projections which had been created.

The technology we used allowed the audience to be part of a huge living stage set.  Using this technological approach we were  able to change the whole ambiance, starting from the technological black and white show to the gold and glamorous  sets for the awards.