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Video – TV3 – IV Premis Gaudí – Qui té els diners

Project: Premis Gaudi 2012.

Venue: Arteria Theatre,Barcelona.

Role: Production Designer.

Client: Acadèmia del Cinema Català

Directors: Joel Joan, Ferran Audi

“My aproach to this years scenography was to include all the catalan films that were submitted for selection and from this the idea developed in covering the whole of the theatre stage with poster images.

This then developed into creating the GAUDI TRENCADIS made up of these poster images which would personalise the set specifically for the this years Premis Gaudi.  As we had developed the concept of the “Musical” I wanted to maximise the overall look and size of the stage as we needed space for an orchestra,dancers,presenters and the Award winners.  By creating an overall Style to the set we have the possibilities of changing the mood through the lighting and music. I then took the theme of the trencadis motif into the on screen motion graphics so everything has the overall look and style.”