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TV3 – II Premis Gaudí – Clara Segura se sacrifica per presentar la gala

Project: Premios Gaudi 2010(Catalan Film Awards)

Venue: Coliseum Theatre, Barcelona

Role: Concept, Co-Director and Designer

Director: Joel Joan

Cast: Dafnis Balduz,Santi Ibanez,Ana Gras,Jacob Torras,De Mortimers,Divinas

Background to concept

As there was a very limited budget it allowed for the opportunity to create a new look to Award Ceremonies.  I was supported by Joel Joan-President of the Academy.  Our idea was to break the normal convention of an Awards show which is normally: Presentation of Award ,music break, Presentation of Award ,music break etc.(for me and most people pretty boring)

From the outset although many different ideas were presented  and discussed the theme that came through was the film within a film concept.  We  wanted to create a story with characters that would link the Awards throughout the Show.  The idea we settled on was that budget ,time and venue should not restrict our idea of creating the worlds 1st Aquatic Award show.

So the idea of the set I was designing was for a much larger venue “The Palau Sant Jordi” with a swimming pool as the main stage with a lifting and opening Oyster shell and fountains,A 90 piece orchestra on a moving platform with two enormous sized Premi Gaudi Award Statues either side of the Proscenium Opening.

The concept Stage Set incorporated moveable curved staircases with the largest Led screen ever seen out of which slides and performers appeared (a cast of thousands with all the latest special effects).

Having come up with an ideal concept it was then a task of deconstructing the idea to what we could afford to do in the time we had and the chosen venue which was the Coliseum Theatre.  I decided the elements I could include in my set budget was the building a set model , an element of the model which was the Premi Award built to the concept specifications and a set of stairs leading from the audience to the stage. All of which were built to the highest quality.

The scaled 3d model was built incorporating a working fountain ,swimming pool,orchestra and large screen using real Awards to create the Proscenium.  In reality  when the audience arrived to the theatre Coliseum the exterior look was lit as an Aquatic gala and the same as when they entered the auditorium.At this stage they were unaware of anything unusual was to happen.

I wanted to make sure this looked like a convincing Aquatic show.  When the curtains opened for the first time that was when the audience realized that the Gala was not prepared.  The appearance of the stage was that the Set up and Get in was in Progress  incorporating a large screen,the large Premi as a backing for the Awards giving and the3d model to explain the concept.

Surrounding these elements  was the director, producer, script writer, designer (me) and technicians, flight cases, ladders,electrical cable, a childrens swimming pool and slide.