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Project: PUIG.

Venue: Pavilion Italia.

Agency: IGRIEGA.

Role: Set Designer.

In little more than 4 hours, they have to present the new line of Prada, Paco Rabanne,Caroline Herrera,Nina Ricci,Comme des Garcons to 500 buyers from all over the world. This presentation includes sample distribution, marketing the media campaign including mock tv commercials, magazine commercial, holiday campaigns, etc.

The solution was to: a) make the buyers receptive – sofas, lounge chairs, coffee tables, on a tiered platform for maximum visibility  b) provide a maximum information simultaneously so as not to make the event long -the presentation was on a 40m wide multi screen stage including stage props and a live band perfoming the musical track of the commercial – on a rolling riser that popped out just for the song and disappeared as quickly.

This underlines our concept that the complete design concept has a major fundamental function in corporate presentation that have a one shot opportunity to get lasting impression on clients that will decide the product life, and the company’s investment in bringing it to market. With that at stake we have the responsibility to provide the solution to bring that about successfully.